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It was a busy day today. We went for our long drive to Placentia and Long Harbour and back home and I took lots of photos on the way :) This evening I went to a comedy club with some friends from work and laughed a lot. It was great. And even though its late (into Sunday morning!) I’m still not ready for bed.

Tonight I’m learning about gel nails, color gel, and re-balancing; since I have a client coming over tomorrow. Just a quick brush up on techniques :) I just love nail homework! It’s something that takes up a lot of my time, and something I just love doing. It’s more than a hobby, It’s a lifestyle.

Tomorrow is going to be the busiest day yet. Up early and out to get groceries and run errands. Come home to putting away groceries, tidy up the kitchen & living room and cook some breakfast or lunch, depending on the time! Then off to re-arrange my nail room. Add and take out some new and old furniture to make it less crowded and more comfortable. Then get ready and head out to my friend’s engagement dinner party. Leave there and come home to my client! Work on nails until 8:30 and relax. Work Monday morning at 10. Hope I get lots of sleep!

My holidays have been great and I’m glad I had so much time off. I would have liked to do more nail stuff and learn some new techniques. But I think I accomplished a lot in my two weeks off :-) The worst part will be trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Staying up late and sleeping in every morning will not suffice when there is a place of employment waiting for me (as long as I want to keep being employed)!

Here’s to a great summer, great vacation & great friends. <3

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It’s the second last day of my holidays and the day has been far from productive.  I bought a new nail lamp that I can’t seem to keep my hands off, and that was the highlight of the day. I also made a new post for anyone looking to have their nails done. I love obtaining new clientèle, and trying out new designs and techniques!

Tomorrow we are planning on going for a long drive and doing a bit of exploring and taking pictures. Should be fun! There is an old heritage site in Placentia where there is a castle and cannons and all that kind of stuff for us to explore around :) should be fun, and only 1.5 hours away! Then when we come back and get supper and everything settled away, I need to get ready for a night out with the girls from work. Going to a comedy club! It should be a blast :)

Sunday comes, back to the usual routine. Groceries at 9am, laundry, cooking and cleaning and to bed early that evening. Back to work Monday morning, bright and early!

Although I have been on holidays for 2 weeks, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them, I am more than ready to get back to work. I miss all my girl friends and my clients. There is really something to be said for people that love where they work and their colleagues.  <3

Tonight I wanted to try something new and wanted to use my new lamp again so I thought I would get out a practice finger and try a stiletto tip, made from a form.

The form didn’t work out that great for me at first. I applied it, built up my pink builder gel and cured it. When I removed the form, the entire tip came off. It wasn’t secured to the finger and the gel in between didn’t cure - lesson learned. So I removed the form, threw it away filed and shaped the gel on the finger and stuck on another form. This time with most success. It wasn’t a perfect stiletto shape, and it was a bit too short for what I was looking for. But I think for a first time it wasn’t a waste but a learning experience.

I’m mostly happy with my outcome. Enough that I am currently ordering some new nail supplies online, including some new practice fingers, gel, pretty things and a new drill. Can’t have a new lamp without a new drill right!?

Happy nailing !

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Bought my new nail lamp today.
Silkline Professional 36Watt, 4 uv bulbs and 3 timer settings.

It’s Awesome!

So I did a new set of polished and stamped nails on myself.
*Removed all old nail polish with lint free wipe and pure acetone.

*Painted on one coat of Seche Vite Base Coat & let dry

*Applied two coats of Orly polish in 40611 “To have & to hold” & let dry completely, about 5 min.

*Applied one coat of Seche Vite Fast drying top coat & let dry for one hour.

*Chose the pixel stamp by Konad and 5 different special paint colors.

*Rolled a new color stamp over each finger and let dry for 5 minutes.

*Applied 2 coats of Gelish Top it off, soak off top coat. Cured each coat for 120 seconds.            Removed excess stickyness with lint free wipe and cleanser. Applied Gelish Nourish cuticle oil.

Voila, a new set of spring colored pixel nails!

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August 2, 2012 @ Topsail Beach, Newfoundland


This is my first post to my first blog. How exciting!

I want to talk about everything that comes to mind. And today, that is craftsy things. All day I have been thinking about jewelry, and photography and making my Christmas gifts to give (although I know it’s too early). But it’s never too early to get a head start! :)

I need to get a start on some jewelry projects that I have promised to a special friend. And need to have that done before Sunday. Also, I am thinking about making myself some new pieces from natural surprises that I found while walking the beach today. That will be something new to try, and neat to keep!